Wind Ensemble Audition Information


Click here for audition etudes. 

Fall 2019 Audition Information:

1) We will be auditioning every chair during the first week of classes: flutes, clarinets, and double reeds will audition on Tuesday, August 20th. Brass, saxophones and percussion will on Thursday, August 22nd. Auditions will be scheduled from 3:00-6:00 on those days. Sign up sheets for time slots will be posted outside my office (McCray 207) the week before auditions (Aug 12-19).

2) Auditions will include a required excerpt, which can be accessed via the link above.

3) Students will also prepare two contrasting excerpts, 1-2 minutes in length, taken from standard solo repertoire or etudes for your instrument.

4) Students do not need to provide a copy of their excerpts for the audition panel.

5) The auditions will be heard by Dr. Chybowski and one or more other music faculty members in McCray 208, and will not be blind. It should be a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. You will come in, play your prepared excerpts, and then play a portion of the required excerpt.

Please don't hesitat​e to contact with any questions or concerns about the audition schedule.

Plan time to prepare your audition material so that we can hear the best representation of your playing. We want you to be successful and to have a positive experience. In that vein, please communicate any questions or issues well in advance of your audition time to the above email.