Support the Music Department

Support the Music Department

Supporting the Music Department

We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported our program with contributions and in-kind gifts throughout the years.  We are deeply appreciative of your generosity and of the trust that you have placed in our efforts to educate and inspire the next group of musicians who will become part of the ever-expanding McCray Hall family.

If you are a new or continuing donor, we encourage you to consider the various needs of the department as outlined below, and to direct gifts in whatever way aligns most appropriately with your interests and your preferred method of contributing.

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  • Unrestricted Gifts
  • Gifts to Ensembles or Areas
  • Scholarships and Other Endowments
  • Establishing New Endowments

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Unrestricted Gifts
These gifts may be used for any need within the department, including:  operational expenses, purchase or repair of instruments or equipment, honoraria for guest artists and lecturers, or other projects.


When making a donation, you are welcome to designate your gift for use by a specific ensemble or area.  Such gifts may be utilized by directors for expenses such as library acquisitions, outfits, touring, or other items related to operational expenses or student opportunities within the area.

Areas Designations

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Jazz
  • Keyboard
  • Opera
  • Orchestra



The Department of Music has a number of endowment funds whose annual interest earnings support various aspects of our program.  Chief among these are the scholarship endowments, many of which were originally established in honor of faculty members or benefactors who enjoyed an association with a particular area of the department.  Scholarship endowments help us meet the critical need of providing financial assistance to music students.  The need for such assistance is perhaps greater today than at any previous time in the department’s history. 

You may make a contribution of any size, at any time, to one or more of the endowments housed in the PSU Foundation. Whether you have an interest in offering scholarship assistance to students in a particular applied or ensemble area, or you wish to honor a faculty member with whom you worked as a student, or you would like to make a gift that can be directed toward the area of greatest need, we will be very happy to assist you in this process.

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New endowments may be established at any time.  Whether serving as a memorial, or as a gift in honor of an individual or organization, or as a gesture to help perpetuate excellence in a particular area of the department, a new endowment will provide long-term support for the students of Pittsburg State University.  In the case of scholarship endowments, the criteria for awarding funds may be determined in consultation with donors at the time of developing the agreement.  The current policy of the PSU Foundation is that new endowments must be accompanied by a plan for them to reach $25,000 within five years


To learn more about the process of establishing a new endowment, please contact Mary Jo Meier, Director of Development for the College of Arts & Sciences, at 620-235-6127 or


For further information about the Department of Music, its needs, and opportunities to provide support of any kind, please contact Susan Marchant, chair, at 620-235-4467 or email