Mid-America Music Festival

Mid-America Music Festival

April 23, 2022

Festival Entry Procedure

The decision regarding the format (in-person or virtual) for the 2022 MAMF will be made by the end of the Fall 2021 semester.


DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Friday, March 18, 2022. We reserve the right to refuse late entries.

TIMES FOR ENTRIES: It is imperative that entries stay within the limits listed below. Even though the submissions are online this year, judges will still be contracted to view the performances. It is important that the time constraints are adhered to as closely as possible.  
          Solos: 4-5 minutes
          Small Ensembles: Approximately 5 minutes
          Large Ensembles: Approximately 18 minutes

MEMORIZATION: Vocal and piano soloists are encouraged to have their music memorized.

MUSIC FOR JUDGES: Entrants must provide original scores for judge(s). Students will not be adjudicated if an unauthorized photocopy of the score is utilized for the recording. The recorded performance must use legally purchased music.

The recorded video should begin with the student (or ensemble director) holding a copy of the original score, as visible verification that the performers are in compliance with current copyright regulations. If the score was purchased digitally, please provide a visible image of the digital download agreement. 

Following the review of the submissions by the adjudicators, the participant will delete the recordings from you tube. Access to the PDF for adjudicators will be restricted to digital medium only, and will be deleted following the event.

Each student performing a solo
will receive: a Medal (gold silver, or bronze correlating with I, II, or III ratings); a Certificate; and a copy of the Judge’s Comment Sheet.

Each student performing in a small ensemble will receive: a Ribbon (blue, red, or white correlating with I, II, or III ratings); and a Certificate. A single comment sheet will be given to the director of each small ensemble.

Each student performing in a large ensemble will receive: a Ribbon (blue, red, or white correlating with I, II, or III ratings). A single comment sheet will be given to the director of each small ensemble. The director of all Large Ensembles will receive a Plaque indicating the rating.

FEES: Make checks payable to: PSU Music

                                    2021 Entry Fees are as follows: 
                                    Solos – $8.00
                                    Duets – $12.00
                                    Trios – $14.00
                                    Quartets and Small Ensembles (4-14) – $16.00
                                    Large Ensembles (5+) – $31.00

LATE FEES: $5.00 per entry, not to exceed $50.00 total. Assessing of late fees will be enforced!

NOTE: Fees will not be reimbursed for applicants who register and fail to submit a video submission.

Entries must be accompanied by a Check or School Purchase Order before entries will be processed.

ADDITIONAL MEDALS, RIBBONS AND CERTIFICATES:  Medals for members of all ensemble groups, large or small, and ribbons and certificates for members of large ensembles may be purchased if desired at the following cost:  Medals - $2.50; Certificates - $1.00; Ribbons - $1.00.  Additional Large Ensemble plaques are $20.00.

Send all entries, payments, or inquiries to:

Mid-America Music Festival
c/o Department of Music
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7511
Telephone: 620-235-6018; Fax: 620-235-4468
Email: mamf@pittstate.edu 

 Faxed or emailed entry forms must be pre-paid, or include a School Purchase Order No.