Mid-America Music Festival

Mid-America Music Festival

April 17, 2021

Festival Entry Procedure

Important: Please be sure to include your email address.
Your scheduled time will be emailed to you.

All entry forms must be typed or printed legibly, and postmarked or faxed to 620-235-4468, or emailed to Dr. Joanne Britz at mamf@pittstate.edu, by Friday, March 18, 2019. Any special requests must be noted at the time of entry, not after the schedule is set! Important: Please be sure to include your email address. Your scheduled time will be emailed to you.


2020 MAMF Registration Packet             2020 Festival Entry Procedures

: April 17, 2021

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: March 12, 2021. We reserve the right to refuse late entries.

SCHEDULING SUMMARY PAGE: Be sure to complete this form and return it with your entries.

ACCOMPANISTS: List ALL school accompanists at the bottom of the SUMMARY PAGE and assign each accompanist a letter (A, B, C, etc.). They should also be listed by letter with any solos or ensembles they accompany.

STUDIO TEACHERS: You must indicate whether your accompanist(s) is/are used by local schools. List the accompanist by name and write out possible scheduling problems on the entry forms.

TIMES FOR ENTRIES: It is imperative that entries stay within the limits listed below. No judge wants to interrupt a performance because of excessive time, and we all want to keep the festival on schedule. Times listed include entering and exiting the performance site.
Solos: 4-5 minutes
Small Ensembles: Approximately 5 minutes
Large Ensembles: Approximately 18 minutes

MEMORIZATION: Vocal and piano soloists are encouraged to have their music memorized.

MUSIC FOR JUDGES: Entrants must provide original scores for judge(s). Students will not be adjudicated if an unauthorized photocopy of the score is furnished. Bands, Orchestras, and Choirs will need two scores for the judges. 

BAND and ORCHESTRA DIRECTORS: The performance site in the Overman Student Center will be furnished with 4 timpani, chimes, bass drum, xylophone, orchestra bells, tam-tam, vibraphone, 4.3 octave marimba (low A), snare drum, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal and a podium. Schools are to furnish their own mallets, beaters, additional snare drums, etc. The use of photocopied music without written permission of the publisher is PROHIBITED. To do so automatically disqualifies the participant or ensemble from festival adjudication.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR AND SUPERVISION: You are responsible for ensuring that your students conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while visiting the PSU campus. Please arrange in advance for someone to assist you with this, particularly if you have a large group.

FEES: Make checks payable to: Pittsburg State University

2021 Entry fees are as follows:
Solos - $8.00
Duets - $12.00
Trios - $14.00
Quartets and Small Ensembles (4-14) - $16.00
Large Ensembles (5+) - $31.00

LATE FEES: $5.00 per entry, not to exceed $50.00 total. Assessing of late fees will be enforced!

NOTE: Fees will not be reimbursed for no-shows.

Entries must be accompanied by a Check or School Purchase Order before entries will be processed.

ADDITIONAL MEDALS, RIBBONS AND CERTIFICATES: Medals for members of all ensemble groups, large or small, and ribbons and certificates for members of large ensembles may be purchased if desired at the following cost: Medals - $2.50; Certificates - $1.00; Ribbons - $1.00. Additional Large Ensemble plaques are $20.00.

Send all entries, payments or inquiries to:

Mid-America Music Festival
c/o Department of Music
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762-7511
Telephone: 620-235-6018; Fax: 620-235-4468


Faxed or emailed entry forms must be pre-paid, or include a School Purchase Order No.

Additional instructions regarding registration, awards, etc., will be included in the schedule you receive prior to the festival.

Additional Festival Information

Where to Eat: In Pittsburg or Gorilla Dining on Campus 

Loading and Unloading Instructions

McCray Hall – From Broadway St., turn East on Ford St. Go one block and turn North on Locust St. This will bring you to our loading/unloading area.

Grubbs Hall – The best place to unload students is at the corner of Joplin and Cleveland.

Percussion Studio - From Broadway St. turn East onto Ford Ave, then North onto Joplin St. It is located just South of Carnie Smith Stadium. 

Bicknell Family Center for the Arts – Located at the intersection of East Ford St and Homer St. Please unload in the parking area located north of the building.

Bus Parking Instructions

After drop-offs at designated areas, please park in the “Brown Parking Lot,” located on the East side of (behind) Carnie Smith Stadium.