Music Department Covid-19 Related FAQ's

A Message from the Music Faculty of Pittsburg State University:

Greetings from McCray Hall! We are looking forward to welcoming each of you to campus this fall. 

We realize that you probably have many questions about how fall will work in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and patrons.

Organized below are topics and answers to the FAQs. These represent the best current knowledge and approaches. We will continually monitor changing conditions and the ongoing clinical studies so please realize this may change as fall approaches.

For now the best advice is to stay healthy, practice, wash your hands frequently and wear your mask. We will see you very soon.

  • Will I Still Have an Applied Lesson?
  • Will Ensembles Happen?
  • Instrumental Ensembles
  • Vocal Ensembles
  • What About Performances?
  • Can I Present a Recital?
  • Can I Practice in McCray?
  • What About the Lobby Space?
  • Will The Building Use Signage?
  • Do I Need to Wear a Face Mask?
  • International Student Questions
  • Calendar Information
  • I Have Another Question!
In many cases lessons will be face to face with social distancing, with masks if possible, and for some wind instruments: bell covers. Some studios will use a hybrid approach of face to face and online delivery. Voice lessons will be online. Consult the Schedule of Classes and look for “*** Course has modified delivery” for the latest information.

Ensembles are an important experience. Our conductors have been working to find ways to make this happen and with the assistance of the Bicknell Center for the Arts staff have found ways to maintain safety standards for the wind and orchestra ensembles. Chamber music and small ensembles will utilize social distancing and masking procedures. This page has specific information dealing with ensembles. Please note: this is a developing situation. We will continue monitoring and adapting as necessary. 


In instrumental ensembles all participants will wear face masks. Wind players will use a slotted face mask while playing indoors. This mask can be closed when not playing. Most of the wind instruments will be fitted with bell covers. Both the slotted mask and bell cover will be provided.

This page has information on how to properly clean your mask.

Vocal ensembles will utilize a hybrid approach. Further information will be available soon, as we are awaiting results of the latest aerosol research at the University of Colorado
Seating will follow PSU, Crawford County, State, and Federal guidelines. This will result in limited seating. The plan for the Bicknell Center for the Arts will be to live-stream as well as use limited seating. McCray does not have the capacity to live-stream.
Students will be able to present recitals in the Sharon Kay Dean Recital Hall. Seating will follow PSU, Crawford County, State, and Federal guidelines. This will result in limited seating.

The building and campus have resumed regular hours. We ask that until fall classes start, you continue to practice at home. We will publish guidelines for use of the McCray practice rooms once students return to campus.

Special note to brass players: bring a small condensation (spit) towel or pet pad. These need to be cleaned regularly. DO NOT EMPTY SPIT VALVES ON THE FLOOR.

Please practice social distancing in the lobby, as well as in all areas of McCray. Please also follow our campus's mask policy.
There will be signage in the building. As examples, the signs will address the one-way staircases and restrictions on elevator usage.

Students, faculty, staff and visitors must wear a face mask covering their mouths and noses in campus buildings, except while eating, or while alone in an enclosed private, single occupancy space. Face masks must be worn in non-private, single-occupant spaces that others use (public bathrooms, copier rooms, public study rooms). For the complete policy go here

Individuals with recognized disabilities that prevent wearing a face mask who need reasonable accommodations should contact the Office of Institutional Equity (for employees) or Student Accommodations (for students) for assistance.

See above information about facemasks in ensemble rehearsals. 

For information on how to keep your mask clean, click here

Classes begin August 17th. For a complete calendar click here.
If you have more questions, or would like additional information, click here or call us at 620-235-4466. We also encourage you to contact your studio teacher with specific questions regarding your area. Faculty listings can be found here.